Soldier Wall & Column Formwork


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Soldier Wall & Column Formwork

Product Profile

BSL MK2 Soldier system is a versatile and popular part of our proprietary range, with a multitude of uses in both formwork & false work applications. BSL MK2 Soldier system is offered with a variety of accessories, to cater for every situation.

Modern constructions incorporate unlimited techniques to construct various structural elements. This system designed to cover wide ranges of construction and to withstand the high pressure exerted while pouring concrete members. The soldiers which are produced in many lengths can be assembled in combination to suit any heights of pouring. Clear unobstructed webs provide for easy fixing of tie systems, which means infinite flexibility in design. On the other hand, the holes in the web provide additional options for fixing and also for accessories. The comprehensive range of accessories enable the system to assemble rigid structures used for both temporary and permanent works. The system can be used for extensive applications, e.g. single or double soldiers shuttering system, inclined - support, vertical shoring, horizontal support,supporting beam, and as space frame. The painted Steel Soldier has evolved into a wide range of uses mainly in formwork system, may it be for the service of vertical and/or horizontal purpose. The general purpose wall support system combining high performance with simple, rapid assembly great versatility and major cost advantages, the steel soldier system provides maximum benefits when used with heavy duty ties and steel waling.


  • - Unique design with optimized ribs with diamond pattern helps higher strength with lower weight.
  • - This component has proven a great versatility in wall and column formworks, when used with appropriate.
  • - Minimal cost compared to conventional systems
  • - Painted components for corrosion prevention
  • - Safety for access: Access brackets and handrail posts provide a safe working platform whatever the height

BSL Scaffolding widely accepted in almost in all the international markets