H20 Wall & Column Formwork


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H20 Wall & Column Formwork

Product Features

The basis of the H20 Wall and Column Formwork system is the H20 Timber Beam. The H20 Timber Beam is made of the highest quality with competitive advantages.

The H20 Timber Beam is sturdy, easy to handle and only weighs 4.80 Kg/m. It provides a high load-bearing capacity even for great distances of Walers. The advantage results to less anchor points. The project oriented design and arrangement of the H20 Timber Beam elements allow choices of various types of plywood sheet. Furthermore, the system allows an optimum and flexible arrangement of tie positions.

The H20 wall formwork elements are assembled quickly and easily by connecting the H20 Timber Beams to the Walers by means of H20 Timber Beam Clamp. Dismantling of elements is done as easily as the erection of the system. The advantage is that the wall formwork system provides a high adaptation and easy reassembling when ground plans of the structure change frequently.

The H20 wall and column formwork system is one of the most economical alternative to steel frame formwork panel system when it comes to complicated designs and numerous non-typical applications with the same wall heights.

The H20 wall and column formwork system is used for all types of walls and columns and has high rigidity and stability at a relatively low weight.

Important Remarks:

The succeeding assembly and application guide has to be carefully read as it contains detailed information on the pro per application and handling of the H20 wall and column formwork system. All instructions concerning technical operation and function have to be observed carefully. Please note that exceptional use of the H20 wall and column formwork system requires a separate design calculation.

In order to ensure a technical and safe use of our product, all relevant national safety rules and regulations and safety instructions of national institutes and/or local authorities have to be observed. In general, only undamaged materials and components must be used.

It is important that damaged components are stored out and removed from the construction site. In case of repairs, only original spare parts of BSL must be used.

The use of BSL Formwork systems combined with other supplier's materials may involve certain dangers and, therefore require an additional inspection and quality check by our formwork specialist

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