H20 Slab Table and Flex System


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H20 Slab Table and Flex System

Product Features

H20 Slab Table formwork system consists of H20 Timber Beams.BSL Plus Steel props. Table Head and Table Clamp. Together with the 18mm thick plywood sheets, the H20 slab table is designed for concrete slabs up to 45 em thick. H20 slab tables are designed according to the structure of the building and mainly used for high- rise buildings, podiums, parking and large slab areas. Horizontal movements of the tables are made manually by trolleys while vertical movement is made by crane.

Fixing the Table Heads to the H20 slab table is quite simple. It is fastened to the double primary beams by means of the Table Clamp which is a short piece of Tie Rod and Wing Nut. No drilling, no screwing and no special tool is needed.

Important Information Before Using the H20 Slab Table

All Information provided about maximum loads are only valid for horizontally braced slab table arrangements which are secured against existing structural building parts such as columns, shear and core walls.

The System does not allow transfer of any horizontal loads thru the BSL Plus steel props of the table system to the ground or floor slab. The top structure of the slab table has to be braced and secured horizontally by adequate measures against existing structural concrete parts by means of wedging or any kind of bracing to walls or columns.

After positioning and securing the H20 slab table, the BSL Plus steel props have to be aligned vertically in order to avoid any moment coming in to the steel prop.

Eccentric as well as big loads have to be avoided because the BSL Plus steel props are designed to take centric and I or symmetrical loads only.

For cleaning or self- supporting slab table, only one person at the most can stand on it, with the slab table positioned on a solid and stable ground.

Please note that during moving and shifting of the slab tables, no persons, tools, materials, or any other item are allowed to be on the slab table. Change in the slab table size require a separate statical proof

Important Remarks

The Succeeding assembly and application guide has to be carefully read as it contains detailed information on the proper application and handling of the H20 slab table. All instruction s concerning technical operation and function have to be observed carefully. Please note that exceptional use of the H20 slab table requires a separate design calculation.

In order to ensure a technical and safe use of our product, all relevant national safety rules and regulations and safety instructions of national institutes and/or local authorities have to be observed. In general, only undamaged material and components which are in proper working condition must be used.

It is important that damaged component are sorted out and removed from the construction site, In case of repairs, only original spare parts of BSL must be used.

The use of BSL formwork systems combined with other supplier's materials may involve certain dangers and therefore require an additional inspection and quality check by our specialist.

Due to technical development of our system, we would like to emphasize that BSL reserves the right to revise, change, or modify any of the product's components at any time without prior notice.

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