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Cuplok System

CUPLOK's unique locking action makes it the fastest, safest, most economical & widely-used scaffolding system in the world.

The success of CUPLOK lies in the ‘node point’ or fastening method. Four horizontals can be fastened at one time, making a very rigid connection. The horizontals bear directly on to the verticals and are firmly clamped by the action of the top cup.

There are no loose parts to lose. CUPLOK is made from the highest quality steel providing great strength while being light and easy to handle.

When investing in equipment, it must as versatile as possible, and BSL CUPLOK is ideal for many applications: formwork, support, general access, circular scaffolding, mobile towers, loading towers and many other uses.

CUPLOK is now widely used in industries as diverse as ship building, power plant, refinery maintenance and conservation of monuments.

Speed of erection and simplicity are the keys to CUPLOK's success. Designed to be tough, CUPLOK is highly resistant to damage.

BSL CUPLOK will provide you with important cost savings as a result of its speed of erection. It can be erected by unskilled labour; easily stored 6 maintained and can be used in a variety of applications.

Cuplok Verticals/Standards

CUPLOK verticals made out of 40 mm NB tubes are available to suit any propping or access application economically. The Verticals can be used for support or access as required. The connection point is set at 500/1000 mm vertical intervals for maximum versatility in use. The lower cups are welded in position; the upper, moveable cups are retained by fixed stop. The verticals are drilled for the fixing of the spigot joint. A bolt can be used to restrain upward forces if required.
Available in following, sizes:
3000mm2500m m 2000mm
1500mm 1000mm 500mm

Cuplok Horizontals/Ledger

CUPLOK Horizontals, made out of 40 mm NB tubes, are available in a range of standard sizes or can be made to a special length if required. The forged blade fixed end fits in the cup of the Vertical. The simple robust design ensures that Horizontals need no maintenance.

2500 mm 2000 mm 1500 mm
1250mm 1000 mm 500mm

Cuplok Omega Hopup Brackets

The 1-board, 2-board and 3-board Hop-Up Brackets incorporate the Omega section for locating scaffold boards and attach to the cup joint. In order that the Hop-Up Brackets are correctly located. Each unit includes a CUPLOK joint to accept Horizontals.

Cuplok Intermediate Transom

For use where scaffold boards require intermediate support. Spans between 2 ledgers and incorporates an integral locking device to prevent movement during use.

Cuplok Omega Transom

Omega transom which replace the tubular horizontal offer a firm lacation for scaffold boards which are fitted on these specially designed Omega sections thus providing a flat and level decking.

Steel Scaffold Boards/Steel Battens

A range of sizes with non-slip working surface which are used with/ without the Omega Horizontals to form the lightest of all working platforms.

Available with hooks/without hooks in the following widths:
300mm 250mm 200mm100mm
Suitable for various grid sizes.

TOE Board

Available in different sizes:
Suitable for working platform of various length and width

Cantilever Frames

At the edges of a building it is often necessary for economy, speed of working and safety to provide a support beyond the edge. The cantilever frame fixe directly to the vertical at the node points. The frame accepts universal jacks for carrying all types of support Forkhead, dropheads etc. this item is invaluable for supporting slab edge formwork. Frames have blade ends for locating in the cup Joints and accept jacks in position.

Available in Following Sizes:
1500mm x1500mm
1500mm x1000mm
1200mm x1500mm
1200mm x1000mm


When necessary, Verticals are connected end to end by an internal Spigot. This is bolted to the Vertical.


The Adj. base plate/stirrup heads provide a method of adjustment which can be used at either the top or bottom of a scaffold support structure. It is used in conjunction with Forkheads and adaptors and can accept the full loading capability of CUPLOK when fully braced

Range: 450 mm to 850mm Adj, comprising various sizes


BSL Scaffolding widely accepted in almost in all the international markets